• I have many students who come to me when they discover they have stopped progressing. Generally, there are simple foundational issues with technique that hinder them. When students adopt my unique method based on my 40 years of teaching experience and the best pedagogical principles, they return to making rapid progress. The sooner help is sought; the sooner progress will resume. (Please see my Bio and Methods page.)
    We are able to increase a child’s confidence using many different performance opportunities. A child will begin performing in friendly, low-stakes environments, gradually progressing to full studio recitals, benefit concerts, chamber ensembles, and even performances with orchestra as is appropriate. Students continually develop and gain the confidence to perform successfully and in the process, learn to love being on stage! (Please see my News page for upcoming events.)
    No other music school in the area offers comparable opportunities for the enrichment that performance offers. We hold at least four studio recitals every year, concerts and recitals to benefit communities and organizations, chamber ensembles, and performances with orchestra. I encourage my students to participate in a variety of piano competitions, which increase confidence and further develop the ability to play for an audience. (Please see my News and Testimonials pages.)
    My students repeatedly win competition awards as some of the strongest young pianists in New Hampshire and the Northeast. The challenge of competition helps students set personal achievable goals as they discover and develop their strongest self. From choosing the appropriate competition level for each child, to selecting the appropriate repertoire, to last-minute rehearsals, I stand behind my students all the way and encourage parents to do likewise. Sometimes participation is the goal not just “first place.” (Please see my Awards page.).
    There is powerful scientific and neurological evidence that studying music enhances brain development. It improves a child’s ability to process mathematics, develop language skills, and solve problems. It teaches a child to focus, develop creativity, and meet goals. The study of more advanced repertoire and participation in piano competitions establishes a track record of success. My students have gone on to top colleges majoring in a variety of fields from engineering to medicine, as well as music. I have had students receive full scholarships solely due to their accomplishments in music. (Please see my Testimonials page.)
    My prices are on par with the leading schools in the area. Compared to other schools, I provide much closer attention for my students, offer more enrichment opportunities, and, as a result, achieve far faster progress. Take the word of my past and present students by taking a moment to view my Testimonials page.