• My daughter started learning piano at 5 years old and she is 13 this year, she has been learning piano with 3 instructors, Mila is the best piano teacher I know. I first heard Mila's name from a news, the news is about a interview one of Mila's student by a newspaper reporter right after the student won a piano competition, the student mentioned that Mila was the first person he was very grateful. right after that I found Mila's contact by searching online. I tried a email to Mila first and got a warm welcome email from Mila very soon, with a few email exchange we arrange a time for Mila to interview my daughter. I was impressed by Mila at the interview, Mila was very diligent and took time to hear my daughter's play and asked a few questions, then we discussed a detailed piano learning plan, at the mean time she encouraged my daughter to learn piano. My daughter told me she likes Mila very much. In the next year, Mila patiently taught my daughter how to use her fingers in playing piano and various playing techniques, which formed a solid foundation for my daughter in piano. Based on her years of experience with teaching piano, Mila picked suitable piano pieces for my daughter to practice piano techniques. whenever my daughter plays music pieces with passion and confidence, I could feel Mila's effort and I really appreciate it. My daughter took many piano competitions and won multiple awards. As a parent that love piano, I really appreciate her and thanks for her teaching my daughter, I would like to recommend Mila to you sincerely, she will give a pleasant surprise for your children in learning piano.


    Sa Liu

    "Hands down, this side of New England, Mila Filatova is the pianist to bring one's child if you would like them to become a top notch pianist. For those who desire the stage, she will facilitate a competition winning path. This, however, is not why I sought her out as a teacher for my children. As a fellow pianist, I wanted someone with a deep passion for music and the instrument itself. On top of that I also found she is a premiere technician of sound; she literally cares for every note. I recommend her highly if you are interested in having your child learn from the best for whatever your reasons."

    Tanya Swann

    Piano has been part of my life since childhood. It is art, an intellectual adventure, a language and an emotional expression. As an adult student with eighteen years of piano lessons, I have found Mila. She has a tremendous amount of musical knowledge combined with life experience. She is always personal and creative in tailoring my lesson to maximize my learning and strengths. Mila is a gem, patient and understanding. She makes music fun!..a delightful escape from life's cares!

    Ann Rixinger MD

    My daughter has been a student of Mila Filatova and her academy for the past four years. In that time, not only has her proficiency in piano excelled, but also more profoundly her confidence and approach to all learning beyond the studio walls. Mila understands the needs of our child, has nurtured her love of music and has always been willing to go above and beyond to meet those individual needs. Our daughter is not necessarily on a competitive path, but she loves to play and Mila gives her encouragement and ample opportunities to shine in her own development. Mila is truly invested in every student and her passion for teaching is ever prevalent. We feel so very blessed that Mila has been and continues to be our daughter’s piano teacher and we highly recommend her!!!

    Therese Giovagnoli

    I have worked with Mila Filatova for several years in my capacity as Applied Music Coordinator for the Saint Paul’s School Music Program. Mila’s students consistently win awards and accoladtes at school-wide, state-wide, and nation-wide competitions. She possesses an uncanny ability to assess raw talent even in its most formative stages and once recognized to nurture and develop it to an extraordinarily high level. She is a masterful diagnostician of technical problems and consistently creative in the application of appropriate solutions. This allows her to correct and overcome problems that already exist and bring students to new levels of accomplishment. Demanding, encouraging, passionate, inspirational, and innovative, Mila is a highly skilled and consummate professional tirelessly dedicated to her profession and devoted to her students.

    J. McGuire, St.Paul's School

    My son has been taking piano lessons from Ms. Mila for over four years. He came to Ms. Mila with a great love and passion for music and he knew that he wanted to become a better piano player. After researching a few different teachers my son knew that he wanted to work with Mila because "she would help me to become the best piano player that I can be." Ms. Mila embraced my son as her student, beginning with working with him to to change his techniques to gain strength and control with his hands and playing techniques. Mila's love of children and passion for musical education is evident in all she does when she works with my son to help him become a better piano player. She has supported my son with his own musical interests, while continuing to offer him a strong and solid classical understanding of the piano. They work hard together with a sense of seriousness, along with great joy and laughter. Mila has appropriate expectations for my son, helping him to truly meet his full potential. My son looks forward to his lessons with Ms. Mila and credits her with helping him to have become a better musician. I feel very fortunate to have Mila play such an important role in the life of my son. She continues to help bring beautiful music into all of our lives everyday.

    Deborah Morrissey

    I met Mila back in 2004 at one of her concerts, and was touched by her magical performance. At that time, my older daughter has already been taking piano lessons for a few years, but we were looking to switch teachers. I asked Mila if she would be able to teach my daughter, and luckily she agreed. Mila began her lessons by showing my daughter strengthening and stretching exercises for her fingers, hands, and arms. She showed her proper form to not only improve sound, but also to prevent injury. Suddenly there was so much more than just playing notes. Music started becoming a passion.
    By the time that our younger daughter was ready for lessons, we already knew that we would only have Mila as her teacher. Mila is demanding and driven to excellence. She provides her students with many opportunities to perform, compete, and learn from other pianists. Performing with an orchestra is an incredible opportunity that Mila has been providing for her students. Such performances require many practices, help develop discipline and listening skills, and give a student a new appreciation for music. We are grateful to have found a teacher who is so driven, passionate, and truly invested in the musical success of our children.

    Veronica Musteata

    Mila Filatova is an outstanding and wonderful teacher of piano.

    When I was informed of her presence in our area, I immediately contacted her to see if she had any students who would have the capability and love of music required to play piano as the sole accompanist to the Broadway musicals that we present at Leddy Center. Tall order!!

    This remarkable woman immediately put me in contact with one of her students, a young girl of immense talent. My Music Director and I were astounded at the abilities and technique that this young girl possessed through Mila’s teaching. This girl’s classical piano teacher, helped to perfect this amazing young woman throughout the rehearsing and rehearsal periods of Charles Strouse’ Charlotte’s Web. Charles Strouse’ music is difficult, challenging and, yet, not classical! Mila was so encouraging to this young woman to engage in a totally different genre than she ever had before.

    For the first time in 41 years, we had an accompanist who could play the score, as written, with the tenacity to work hard in order to do so. This young girl had been taught the discipline of hard work and persevering until perfection, by Mila Filatova.

    We called upon Mila, again, this year, as the young woman we had had the pleasure of having accompany, was going to be off to college. Mila introduced us to another of her students. We were given a student so diligent, so full of musical passion and technique, we were once again, blown away! She polished the score of Oliver! as we had not heard before.

    We cannot begin to praise the teaching ability and the drive of this remarkable teacher, Mila Filatova. It has been a very rewarding experience working with Mila and her students.

    Elaine Gatchell, Executive Director, Leddy Center for the Performing Arts, Epping, NH

    At the age of 60 I decided to fulfill a lifetime desire to learn how to play the piano. I was quite hesitant because I had no musical background. Mila immediately helped me to gain confidence and through her encouragement and expertise, I was able to move forward. She made learning fun and very meaningful. I feel extremely fortunate to have met Mila and have her for a teacher.

    Sandra Kfoury

    Our son, Kevin, has studied with Mila Filatova for six years. When we met Mila, Kevin had never played the piano before, since then, it has been an amazing journey.

    Mila’s passion for music and teaching is extraordinary. Her dedication to her students’ development and success goes beyond music. Her teaching methods, motivational style, and commitment to the whole student provide a blend of discipline, inspiration, and opportunity that support and enhance valuable skills and attitudes. What Kevin has learned, practiced, and experienced with Mila has led to growth and achievement not just in music but in school and as a person.

    Mila draws out maximum ability and performance in each student, and her students have achieved success at local, state, and international levels. Our son went from his first note played to performing at Carnegie Hall. Ted & Christine Lorden

    Although my son has only been Mila's student for less than two years, he has made great improvements in both piano performance and music theory. My son had three teachers before Mila, and none of them have ever taught him how to play by heart and play with his feelings. He was very frustrated because he could not improve much year after year. He was attacted to Mila's unique and effective teaching method at the very first lesson. Mila helped him correct old habits and wrong techniques and taught him how to excercise his fingers and hand muscles. After a few months, he started to play differently, his performance skills kept improving, and he became more confident. My son started participating in competitions only six months after learning with Mila, and has won a few prizes and awards at local and state competions since then. It's something that we couldn't've even imagined two years ago, and it's just amazing. Mila knows each of her students so well that she not only selects the repertoire most fit for them, but also explains the music in unique ways so they can thoroughly understand it and put their own emotions into it. She challenges each student to be the best they can possibly be and gives them a lot of encouragement at the same time. My son has been enjoying this demanding but rewarding learning journey with Mila a lot. I recommend Mila without reservation as the exceptional pianist and educator. 尽管我的儿子只和Mila学习了不到两年的时间, 他已经在钢琴表演和音乐理论方面取得了很大的进步. 在Mila之前他有过三个老师, 但是他们都没能教给他怎么用心去演奏,怎么把自己的感情放在乐曲里面. 他也因为自己一直没有什么的大的进步 而苦恼. 他第一次上Mila的课就被她独特的教学方式吸引了. 最开始的两个月, Mila帮助他纠正错误的指法和演奏习惯, 教给他怎么锻炼手指的灵活度和手的肌肉力量. 逐渐地, 他的弹奏开始发生变化,他的表演技巧开始稳步提高,他也对自己的演奏越来越自信.从师Mila大概六个月以后, 我的儿子开始参加当地以及州里的钢琴比赛并取得了不错的名次, 这在两年以前对我们是完全不可想象的. Mila对她的每个学生都非常了解, 她为每个学生挑选最适合他们的曲子, 而且用最适合那个学生的方法解释乐曲的意境和背景, 让学生能够充分理解并把自己的感情溶入乐曲当中. 她激励并鞭策每个学生去发挥他们最大的潜能, 同时也不断地鼓励和表扬他们一点一滴的进步. 我的儿子非常享受作为Mila学生的富有挑战性也收获颇丰的经历. Mila是一个非常好的钢琴家和教育者, 我毫无保留地推荐您选择她作为您或您的孩子的钢琴老师.